Your Transmission Needs Routine Service

Leave your transmission repair to our team in Richland, WA

Your transmission sends power to the wheels of your car. Without it, you could lose control of your vehicle. Take care of your transmission with service from Dean's Automotive Repair in Richland, Washington. By scheduling a transmission repair at our auto shop, you can catch transmission concerns before they turn into life-threatening problems on the road.

You should get your transmission checked every 50,000 miles. Call us today to set up your transmission service.

Repairing your transmission is cost-effective

Installing a new transmission can be expensive. However, driving on a damaged transmission is dangerous. Our team of mechanics can take care of your transmission repair, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

Driving with a faulty transmission is risky because...

  • It can cause severe engine damage.
  • You could lose control of the vehicle.
  • You might end up needing a new transmission.
Trust a professional mechanic in Richland, Washington with your transmission service. Make an appointment with us today.