"Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

I brought my car in recently for what I thought was a blown head gasket. It is a fairly expensive repair, with the potential for engine damage that could easily turn into a need for a new engine. The owner had quoted me a reasonable price and was very personable. I heard back from them a few days later. They found out it was a much less serious issue. They charged me for their time and repairing a hose and returned my car in great condition! In addition they explained the tests they did and what the actual problem had been. A catastrophe turned into a pleasant experience. I thank them and I will be doing business with them again!"

Natalie S.

After having my car inspected by an auto repair shop a few miles down Van Giesen just over the bridge, where they told be I had a bad water pump and a bad power steering pump they said they could fix it for 2500.00 dollars yeah insane prices, because of the high price for repair, I Called Deans automotive repair to get a second opinion.
I talked to Chuck who said for 700.00 he could replace both, and he could fix it in one day. I dropped my car off that night and the following day he called about 1pm said the car was ready for pick up. I asked him the total price for repairs he said 375.00 dollars!
I was ecstatic, the other shop was 2500.00 dollars also he said that the antifreeze from the leak of the water pump had sprayed onto the belts of the power steering pump and caused it to slip making the steering difficult, this guy is one heck of a mechanic, he said my power steering pump was fine.
He easily could have taking advantage of me and charged me for something I didn't need. They other shop was ready to get as much money out of me as they could, not to mention charging me 152.00 dollars for a inspection to misdiagnosis my car repair issues.
I am so glad I called Deans auto repair. He saved me 2,125.00 or possibly more.

Tom D

"Very impressed by how quickly I was taken care of and extremely happy with how well my sister's car runs now."

Genie A.

"Charged me half as much as I was quoted down the street from them at west Richland auto, for the same work. Seem like nice, honest people who know what they are doing. I will be back."

Katie M.

I've been a customer of Dean's ever since I moved to the Tri Cities and have had major service (timing belts) as well as routine repairs (brakes, tailgate latches, ...) done on three different vehicles. Dean's has always met or exceeded my expectations, which are high. I trust them to do any needed work, even if additional work is required that we didn't initially discuss--they are both fair and trustworthy.

Yesterday a part failed that was unrelated to work that they had done, but in the same system, and they bent over backwards to do the work right away, returning my car before a long holiday weekend when I know that they are booked solid, and they did it at a _very_ fair price. I'm a happy customer.

Dave R

"So my car broke down and I got it towed there and they fixed my car. My car fuel pump went out and they said it was going to cost 900.00 dollars but when I picked my car up today my bill was 569.00. That was an awesome price and I love their customer service. I would recommend this place to others. I had a good service with them, I was happy with the outcome. Thank you Deans automotive repair shop. Ur the best ever."

Mary M.

"Without an appointment and just traveling through, I stopped in for an emergency diagnosis. Although they were busy, they helped me out. I couldn't be more grateful!"

Ann-Marie C.

"I used to work at Dean's. It is a very good and honest place for anyone's vehicle. Including cars, light-duty pickups, medium-duty trucks, motor homes. You name it. It will get fixed right"

Dixie S.

"My family young family became stranded on our trip to the Oregon coast for a graduation. Was in and out within a reasonable amount of time. Dean and and family down there at that shop helped us out and even though my car was a mess they got us in the road and took us in when others would not on such short notice. I'd recommend headed to Deans even if you gotta drive a little or of the way!"

Mr. Kinder

Simple inspection saved me from buying a rust-bucket.
I was looking at buying a pickup from a local seller but wanted it looked at first. Dean's got it up in the air and discovered it had rusty body panels and holes in the frame. Gave me up-front and honest info at a very reasonable price, highly recommend!

Jay D

Old school mechanics that treat you right Dean is an awesome guy.

Carl L

Honest people honest prices

Carl W

Had my window fixed here, didn't take long and haven't had an issue with my window since.

Dean W

Great place, awesome customer service and fair repair. Highly recommend!

Charlie M

Great experience taken my car there a few times, honest and do an awesome job

Sylvia M

"I am very dedicated to Deans and they know it. They always give me the best price in town, and three times they have done $500 repairs for free cuz they know I will only go to them."

Crystal A.